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Who is M BODY?

Who is M BODY?

M BODY was formed to provide body wisdom for women and future generations. Founders Nat Kringoudis + Jess Blizzard created these foodceuticals based on their own experience and healing journeys.

Nat Kringoudis
With a career spanning over 18 years in the health and wellbeing
sector Nat Kringoudis is one of Australia’s most trusted and
respected holistic health experts.

With a Bachelor in Health Sciences, Chinese Medicine and an
Advanced Diploma in Acupuncture, Nat is often dubbed as the
‘Hormone Revolutionist.’

Her extensive experience has led her to appearing on prominent
Australian and U.S based television programs including Sunrise,
Today Show and hit American television show, The Doctors.
Nat is continuing to educate, support and ensure the next generation
has true fertility wisdom.

Outside of M BODY, Nat owns a women’s health practice,
The Pagoda Tree, is a published author of two best sellers,
‘Beautiful You’ and ‘Well & Good', the founder of ‘The Wellness
Collective’, an award winning podcast.

Nat + Jess also own Daysy Australia + New Zealand - A hormone free fertility tracking device for women.  Learn more at

Jess Blizzard
Battling through an Endometriosis, Adenomyosis & fibroid diagnoses - Jess's conception journey was long and frustrating. Informed to have a hysterectomy at age 32, was the catalyst for her to take her health into her own hands and walk away from the allopathic system.

Going on to have her second beautiful boy proved her intuition was correct. This connection back to self and knowing is why M BODY was born.

Sharing her recovery from monthly Endone (prescription) use and developing a deep understanding of her body (later in life) inspired the creation of M BODY signature foodceuticals.

Jess is a passionate advocate for women to ask questions, take ownership of their health and ensure the next generation has body wisdom.

Outside of M BODY + Daysy Australia, Jess is Gallerist/Co-Owner at Bickerstaff Blizzard Gallery in Hobart. She spins many plates, as she home educates her boys and lives on property in Southern Tasmania, the location of many of our nature videos posted to @mbodyminerals

Our ethos;

We are absolute women.
Who fearlessly embody our path.
We question everything.
Grounded and unbroken.
You are not a product.
You’re smart and you know that.
Body Wisdom for generations.

Within M BODY Musings we want you to feel safe, and confident to connect back with yourself and inspired by others who have tread this path. If you have a favourite MUSE please DM us so we may connect with them as well.

Love Jess + Nat

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