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What is it about the ABSOLUTE?

The ABSOLUTE mix made with Chia, Psyllium, Flaxseed, Slippery Elm, Guar Gum + MSM

I’ve been asking patients to mix together 4 very simple ingredients for more than a decade now.  I’ve never been a gatekeeper of these powerful yet basic ingredients - psyllium, chia, flaxseed and slippery elm.  Consider it the pre-makings of THE ABSOLUTE.

The secret super power that is unlocked by the combination of these ingredients is rather extraordinary, something you can’t quite possibly comprehend until you’ve added these to your regime.  

So, when we had the idea to combine these powerful ingredients with the added benefits of MSM and guar gum, we knew it would be a winner.  And that is what you now know and love as The ABSOLUTE. 
A complete foodceutical to tick so many boxes in your health goal column.

But what do each of these unique ingredients bring to the mix (so to speak)

Is renowned for its bowel supporting qualities as it contains soluble fibre that benefits your digestive and heart health.  It can aid in the treatment of both constipation or diarrhoea as it is high in fibre, it sweeps the gut, benefits detoxification and assists with ‘taking out the trash.’  

Because it is so high in fibre, it also aids blood sugar regulation, especially useful for women with PCOS or those with diabetes.  Being high in fibre also means it is a wonderful pre-biotic.  Pre-biotics are essential as they assist in the healthy growth of good gut bacteria. 

Hit the ‘superfood’ scene some time ago but that’s not why they’re here.  We’re not about ‘fads’ or buzz words, we’re here for the long haul.  Chia however is rather special as it is high in antioxidants, fibre and omega-3 fatty acids which makes it a very exciting ingredient in the mix. But we did something more.  We ground the chia into a fine powder to further boost absorption, support healthy digestion and benefit gut health.

A secret weapon for hormones, flaxseed helps to support healthy oestrogen along with regulating healthy weight, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.  Like chia it is high in fibre and omega 3’s.  It is said to be beneficial in protecting against some cancers.  It assists in lowering blood sugar which can contribute to hormone imbalances like PCOS or elevated androgens making it also useful for related symptoms such as acne, light or missing periods, supporting cycle health and fertility.

A herbal ingredient that has been used for centuries and is said to soothe anything it comes into contact with.  In this formulation we have included it for its ability to soothe the lining of the stomach, reduce inflammation, support healthy bowel movements and syndromes like IBS.  One thing must be noted.  Organic slippery elm is very difficult to source and as such is one of the reasons, I created the original formula because patients had difficulty getting their hands on it.  Rest assured our Slippery Elm is certified organic.

These were the original ingredients of the ‘grandparent’ formula which when combined are high in fibre, they regulate blood sugar and therefore balance hormones, dredge the gut and support healthy bowel motions and eliminate excess hormones from the body, as well as act as prebiotics to feed the good bacteria.  

So, we went ahead and made it even better with a few simple additions to bring THE ABSOLUTE to life.

Also rich in fibre, guar gum helps to support healthy digestive system. Our guar gum is partially hydrolysed which helps support healthy stools and bowel movements. 

Guar gum is also a wonderful prebiotic which helps support good gut bacteria and is particularly useful to address bloating. Bloating is one of the biggest issues for women, specifically through certain phases of our cycle.

Studies have also shown that guar gum may help to support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels and assist in weight maintenance.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
This super sulphur is dubbed ‘the beauty mineral’ with the ability to support phase 2 liver detoxification, improve immune function and support heavy metal detoxification. The glowing skin, healthy hair and strong nails from taking MSM is a chef’s kiss to this ABSOLUTE mix.

And finally…

The most essential ingredient in both our products (The ABSOLUTE and the MSM as a solo powder) aren’t actually contained in the mixes. That’s because it’s water!  Water is the most important part of taking our formulations. Without it, you can’t activate the properties of the ingredients. 

We are 70-80% water and not only does dehydration cause a magnitude of issues, we require water for overall health, detoxification and purification, digestive motion and healthy bowels.

Most of us require between 2-3 litres of filtered water each day. 

Be sure to hydrate and keep your water intake up to unlock maximum benefits of 
M BODY minerals. 


Written by Nat Kringoudis AKA the Hormone revolutionist and FOUNDER of M BODY MINERALS.


*All amounts are designed to be general and not excessive and as such will not have a laxative effect but support overall gut health, detoxification and bowel support.

*All ingredients have been ground to unlock better absorption



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