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What if...

What if...

You have permission to finish the year soft, not from us but from yourself.  

 What if you finished the year rested, reflective and full of gratitude to welcome in another year?  What if you gave yourself permission be gentle, calm and welcome this new year with grace?

What if 2024 was your year to be the best version of you?  Not ticking a list of to-dos, not concerned with the next ‘achievement” but allowing yourself to just be in 2024. To surrender to life’s journey and not attempt to control everything?

What if you realised that there’s a different version of you held in everyones mind? 

Who are you, truly? 

Does this version held of you really matter? What if you stopped concerning yourself with others versions of you? What if, despite all that you’ve been told and the opinions of others you’ve taken on as your truth, were not permanent.  Perhaps not even real.

What if you trusted that your body knew exactly what to do? What if your imposed belief that your body is broken, damaged and worthless is holding you in this perpetual state? What if you began to outrageously love yourself? What if you decided that you are the greatest gift ever created? 

You get to make the choice of this new chapter, to choose what serves you and what doesn’t.  It may mean closing doors behind you, gently, as you walk into new ways of thinking, new thoughts and knowings.  It’s ok to leave behind what no longer serves you - even if it is scary.  It is time. 
Time to do what is right for you.  Do what your heart tells you is the next best step not what others expect of you, just to keep them feeling good about themselves.  

What is it you need to do in this new space to be happier, healthier and the next level of yourself?  Who could you be if you started living?  We know as you read these words you can’t help but feel closer to her as you begin to create that vision in your mind.

What you can see, you can have.  The first step is knowing she is here.  The next step allowing her to unravel, to unfold and be guided by her inner knowing and giving her permission to be who she was always meant to be.

2024 is yours here and now.  We are excited to meet her here.  We are excited to hold the space for where the body knows exactly what to do, all she has to do is allow and to step through.

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