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WE'RE HIRING - Melbourne Based Opportunity

WE'RE HIRING - Melbourne Based Opportunity
M BODY Minerals – Employment Opportunity
Role - Fulfilment and supply team member
Employment – Casual
Hours – 12-20 per week.
Salary – Award standard.
Start date – Feb/March 2024
Location – Melbourne based


M BODY is a company that fearlessly embodies its path.  We bring women home to their bodies, not by fixing them but by encouraging them to look within.

Our team embodies these values with troubleshooting mindsets, forward planning abilities, high levels of integrity and a customer first focus – ensuring a seamless and enjoyable process for our customers and mitigating potential issues within the supply chain, fulfilment and shipping process.

Are people first - always. 
Your interactions with others are thorough, positive and from a place of solutions focus. You can demonstrate integrity, independence and troubleshooting within your previous roles. You have a proven record for your organisation and planning, negotiation skills and no problem is too difficult to navigate. You actively seek out the best providers within supply chain and mitigate the miriad of issues that is shipping.  You can operate autonomously.  This role is based within the business – however will be autonomous and report directly to both Founders.

Casual – fulfilment and supply chain based in Melbourne.

  • Fulfilment of all customer orders including labelling of packaging etc
  • Packing of product within strict QC guidelines.
  • Shipping – including liaising with courier providers, tracking management of all orders and negotiating new courier providers if they're underperforming.
  • Supply chain - Ordering of ingredients, labels, and packaging whilst actively seeking new suppliers to ensure a consistent supply to fulfil and plan.
  • Customer service – strong interpersonal skills to engage with customers during missing orders, incorrect deliveries and long delays.
  • Administration tasks as requested.
  • Travel (within own vehicle) to courier/shipping providers may be required to fulfil orders.
  • Additional duties as discussed with the Founders.

Attach your resume with all relevant experience. You will have 2+ years prior in fulfilment and supply chain role/ or demonstrated equivalent experience.

Cover letter must address the following dot points;

  • Forward thinking ability – A future solution that you brought to your previous business that mitigated a scenario before an issue occurred.
  • Troubleshooting – provide an example of a problem, your solution and how this was implemented and reviewed for success.
  • Customer service experience – a situation where you needed to show autonomy in resolving a particular customer service issue/circumstance.
  • When have you shown integrity or when has your integrity been tested.
  • Values – share your top 3 values and how these have been demonstrated by you in a real-life examples.
  • Applicant must have a current driver license and a vehicle to undertake aspects of this role.

Application to be emailed to
All enquiries regarding the role can be directed to the above email address.
Applications open until February 18th.  Only those candidates progressing to an interview will be contacted.

We're excited to be expanding our team and welcome your application.

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