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The fear of being seen...

The fear of being seen...

In a world that values compliance, how are you standing tall and proud in your knowing?

For many, the awakening started 4 years ago, but the seeds were planted long ago.

Who can remember true debate on television? Actual debate. I can.
It's one of the last times I saw true debate, I think it was the late 90's. Since then the fine art of debate has been snuffed out, relegated to the undesirable pile. Disagree with me - narcissist, disagree with me - misogynist, disagree with me - ignorant, disagree with me - you're increasing my trauma... self regulation and self responsibility is non-existent. We've allowed the world to be programmed to view differing opinions as wrong. Not even open to discussion, this side is correct and if you don't agree, you're a bad person who should be cancelled. Period. That was the debate. Welcome to 2024.

How can you navigate this time and remain true to yourself? I faced this question myself. Forever grappling with keeping my head down, standing tall, teaching my kids to trust their inner knowing, be liked, get along with my neighbours, being myself, not be viewed as that "crazy woman". Its exhausting. Hiding is exhausting.

I recently picked up Africa Brooke's new title 'The Third Perspective - Brave expression in the age of intolerance' and its been an extremely supportive read to date. Not a fluff read to make you feel good. It's a working title to help break down your barriers and be seen.

Why is being seen such a struggle for many of us?
I think much stems back to our childhood programming of being a good girl, and the school system with school yard hierarchy and the lack of independent thought. Saying the "right thing" from a young age is rewarded and so continues the pattern for life.

How often have you followed the crowd with a certain topic, even though deep down you did not agree? You didn't want to rock the boat, be singled out or change the way people viewed you. Being cancelled is the modern day "pitchforks" and haven't we seen this rife on the internet. Sadly, from our experience, it is women that lead many of these campaigns. Taking "offence" to a statement and launching a campaign to the death to remove this persons income or social standing. I think many of us have participated in this in the past, and I offer you this chance for self reflection.  Who are we to police someones thoughts? Truly.

If we all think and act the same - what world are we creating for our children?
How are we teaching them to follow the beat of their own drum?

Written by a woman who does not have the answers, I'm on this journey myself. And I call on you to walk beside me. I will wrap my arm around you and call you friend. Let's help lead each other into an age of tolerance and independent thought.

I see you. 



Words by Jess Blizzard



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