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Part of our ethos here at M BODY is to champion creatives, artists, photographers, wordsmiths, healers (you get the gist) who embody M BODY.

The first of this series is the incredible Tasmanian Artist - Shelley Bickerstaff.

Shelley Bickerstaff

We commissioned Shelley to create the ABSOLUTE Woman.

"She is open, loving and strong.
Steadfast in her values, she embodies the feminine and naturally attracts positive energy and flow. She's a free thinker and not afraid to express her views. Her life is about creating ease. She knows how to prioritise her body, spirit and mind. Never mistake her softness for weakness - she is a lioness when protecting her space"

The ABSOLUTE woman
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We chatted all things morning ritual, how to hold space for creativity and that surprisingly M BODY has replaced her morning Espresso...


What made you finally take the leap creatively?
Following three years studying an MBA, I was really drawn to be in a creative space. Around the time I was finishing, I was approached to show some of my work in a group exhibition and then opportunities and new experiences followed including opening a gallery in Hobart.

What inspires you most about the female form?
It took me a while to understand why I gravitated to the female form, but on reflection, when I am painting or drawing it is a time I can lean into my feminine energy, away from the responsibilities of work and motherhood.  There is a freedom when getting into a relaxed state of flow and my recent works Bodyscape are a merger of nature and body – connecting to body and being grounded by nature, a representation of what I strive for.  

How do you connect into your creativity?
Creativity comes in waves for me and is very connected to where I am at in my cycle.  I need to free time up, so I can stay in the state of creativity for a few days without distraction.  As a mother, who works a lot and has a busy calendar  (like us all ) carving time out is challenging, but the result when I put paint to canvas is always worth it.  Whilst I may paint and finish works over a weekend, it's the hours of thinking and plotting before I start - the unseen work where I feel the magic is.

What’s your studio playlist sound like?
Its all over the place but always go to Rufus, Gerry Rafferty, Gomez, Jones, The Funkees and 2PAC

Who is your SB art lover? 
It has been a mix of men and women - Everyone who has purchased a piece has known exactly where it was going in their space.  The work has connected to them in some way, and they have wanted to view it daily.  My daughter (11) has started to appreciate the work more and more which make me so happy.

What’s your ultimate goal with your art?
Travelling and painting in studios around the globe, selling out shows in cute towns all over Europe would be the ultimate.    To do that I need to keep creating and sharing my work here and be open to the opportunities that come by.

What’s your morning ritual look like?
I moved house in spring and since then I have become a morning person!  Up with the sun sit and stretch in first light. I love to potter and read in the mornings. I have switched out my morning espresso for my MSM + The ABSOLUTE shot.   
I don’t feel like the coffee hit in the AM anymore.

What’s been your surprising M BODY outcome?
I have been 2 months religiously now into both The ABSOLUTE and MSM  - The biggest change is I am back to using a very light serum foundation/ SPF because my cheek rosacea has reduced significantly and I don’t need a heavy coverage. My hair is a lot thicker and has seen a lot of growth since taking the products.

What was it about this collab with M BODY that made you jump onboard?
The women behind it…  
Jess and Nat are not selling a product, they are providing women with an option born out of their own experiences.  The motivation to help women get back in touch with their own bodies and make their own choices based on intuition is so inspiring and needed.

Where do you hope people place their ABSOLUTE WOMAN by Shelley BICKERSTAFF?
I love art in bathrooms  - but anywhere that it serves as reminder and inspiration to you.

Where would your dream studio be?
A warehouse with high ceilings and lots of white walls.. I'd love to be able to leave everything set up to come and go and never have to worry about leaving a mess behind.  The space would double as entertainment with long table dinners where I could play loud music.

Where has your fave SB piece ended up?
My Favourite artist, Jakey Pedro purchased a piece from my very first show so that is super special.  But every piece I have sold or gifted so far, I have met the buyer through the gallery so I have a personal connection to each of them.

Fave medium to work with?
Charcoal - I love how strong it can be and how fragile it is at the same time.  It can build and blend beautifully.

What does a slow Sunday look like for you?
By myself  - Im up early to sit in the first light.  Slowly make my way to a restorative yoga class followed by brunch then hopefully a few martinis in the sunshine with friends.

With Molly – off to the Farm Gate Market, walk through a museum head for fish, and chips on the waterfront.

How do you deal with overwhelm?
Take a walk, hang with my daughter, be patient just knowing everything ebbs and flows.

You’ve recently had a WILD achievement – you partnered with Tasmanian Designer Emma Petterwood on her label ROMY and created a Hip Hills wearable art print and now that design is stocked in David Jones nationally, that must be wild - how does it feel?
A dream I never had!  I love that the work and piece resonated in that way, it took on a new form and life of its own.  It certainly was a wake-up call to what’s possible, shows again my you put things out to the world anything can happen.

How can people support / buy your work?
For those on Instagram you can follow @shelley.bickerstaff and more current artwork and details will be uploaded.

You can try on the ROMY Hip Hills print nationally at David Jones, The ICONIC or with ItsAfterEight


Connect with Shelley + enquire about current BODYWORKS artwork Here

View the ROMY website for the Hip Hills collection Here


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