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We’re sure we can all swap stories about when we went against our gut feeling, our gut instincts and the internal “NOPE, please don’t do it”

That didn’t go to well for us all, did it!

Our bodies entire being is to protect and thrive. Our bodies want us safe and well.  Sadly, we’ve found many ways to make this as difficult as possible for our bodies.

Toxins within our environment, water + food has created mineral depletion and damaged our gut biome, 90% of a grocery store did not exist 80 years ago, we move less, sit more, stress more, plugged into the never ending web of devices and blue light, trap ourselves inside instead of grounding and basking in nature. But hey, we’re not here to spout what we already know (or should know)

Our bodies have coped it over the last few decades and we can now see the effects this has had within our gut. Our centre. Our knowing. Our instincts and feeling space. Our inbuilt ability to know what feels right or wrong. Our core intuition to protect.

We’ve spoken at length about the gut-brain axis (diagram below)

 gut-brain axis

This complex afferent communication system provides the brain with integrated information on gut function. The gut-brain axis contributes to interoception, a process that enables the brain to “know” the internal state of the body and align its mental activity and homeostatic body control. Functional imaging studies have shown that information coming from the gut reaches brain regions relevant to emotion, affect and cognition. A good deal of what we now know about the bidirectional information exchange between gut and brain has been disclosed by research efforts to understand irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). (Source)

Much of science has still struggled to fully comprehend or “validate” the gut-brain connection but the answers to this lies within us all. Our own wisdom.

We as humans use to rely on instincts, visions and knowing to determine the best decisions for us, our community and tribe.  The red tents were all about women having space to rest, restore and vision through their menstruation and come back with the knowings for the tribe to integrate.

Connection to self and knowing was our way for centuries and yet, some of us feel as lost as ever.

How do we connect back to self? How do we trust and find our knowing again?
We need to restore the body. Protect and repair our gut.
Provide space for it to heal. Rest and listen.
Remove the pressures of should, society and what others think and live and decide in a way that feels natural to you.

You are your best guide.
You are your best healer.





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