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The ONE SMALL STEP - gift of health and support


Wanting to support your Bestie/Mumma/Sister/Hubby/Work colleague on their journey to feeling better. What a beautiful first step to offer.

The gift of ONE SMALL STEP.
Multiple value options allows you to gift a "choose your own adventure".
Our gift vouchers NEVER expire meaning the entire value can be used over time.

How to order;
- Please select your gift amount
- Enter all your (you as the gift giver) details at checkout - email/address etc
- You will receive the voucher to your email and then you can forward this to your recipient with your own customer message to make it personal.

*Due to SHOPIFY shop front we currently do not have capability to add recipient message and name to our gift cards to personalise them.
Any questions - email us

The ONE SMALL STEP - gift of health and support


Will this interfere with any medications

All foods and minerals used in the creation of M BODY's products are free of any known contraindictions with medications. Using the power of food to bolster your health.

Please direct all queries regarding medication to your health care professional. M BODY is food - not a medication.
*As always, please consult with your Doctor*

Are these Australian Made

All of M BODY's products are made in Australia by our onsite herbalist. The highest grade quality is sourced for you. Our food based ingredients are organic. The MSM sits outside organic certification and is an organic compound - Sulphur.

How do I take them?

The key is liquid.
Water, Juice or a Smoothie.

You can make your fave smoothie with the ABSOLUTE mix to stock up on all your daily greens and goodies at the same time.

*all instructions for use are on the back of your product. Stay hydrated with 2L of filtered water.

Are they gluten free?

M BODY is Gluten free / Dairy free / Soy free. They're also vegan friendly and Non GMO.

If you are a coeliac we cannot guarantee the products are safe for you as individual ingredients have been sourced from suppliers.

Are these pregnancy and breastfeeding safe?

M BODY is food + 1x mineral.

We have not found any known issues but with any changes to your diet during pregnancy and breastfeeding, please consult with your health care professional.
*This is not medical advice*

Got questions?

We're here to support you. Please email to chat.



All orders are shipped twice weekly via our team in Melbourne, Victoria.

Overseas orders are via external carriers and this timeframe may be 3-4 weeks.

Order tracking

Please enter your email address at checkout and our team will update you with tracking when your order is shipped.

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