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Recovery isn’t about doing more

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There’s a crazy idea that we’ve accepted as a given - that we have to do more, to be more. And whilst I think that hard work pays off, the hard work isn’t about doing everything possible - hard work is about recognising where your attention needs to focus and remaining consistent to it.

When I am formulating a protocol for patients I have many options at my fingertips and let it be known, there are always many things you can do, take or be to get a result.  The reality is, taking every supplement and following every nutrition plan isn’t going to do it for you.  In fact, adding more stress to an already overwhelmed body probably won’t achieve much at all.  There’s always more we can do and always more we can add - what really moves the needle is finding the most simplest way forward.

Simplicity creates space and when we create space, the body ultimately knows exactly what to do to recover.  When you stop and think about  it, do you really think your body can’t signal what it needs in the right environment?  It’s more likely that we just don’t know how to read its cues.  As sure as it knows how to breathe or pump blood, it ultimately knows how to self regulate. 

Sometimes, in the thick of it, it isn’t easy to figure out what is the best path and often we are in a place that feels so broken we need a swift change that may see us seek out the quick fix.  Whilst the quick fix may sometimes be necessary, it is the underlying consistent focus you give to your body that really paves the way for true recovery.

Consistency is the single most best thing you can do to keep your health moving in the right direction.

And M BODY is the ultimate example of this.  I spent years formulating and testing a mix that had women shocked by the results - not just because they noticed huge changes in their symptoms but because it was so simple it felt too good to be true.  

Whilst on a cellular level it all looks so complicated, we are fairly basic at the core of it - we need to be fed with real food, rested well, move our bodies regularly and for me the icing on the cake is to keep the digestive system happy and that mechanism moving - aka your bowels moving daily.  

We at M BODY can’t force you to sleep or put food into your mouth but we can provide you with very simple ingredients that take care of nourishment and digestion which is what we are so often lacking.  We know the  more simple we made this, the greater the result and that is truly what makes this so different.  It’s likely the opposite of what you’ve been told your whole life.  

What if healing* wasn’t complicated?  What if recovery could be simple? What if we’ve been focusing on more and getting nowhere?  I’m excited for you to find out just how simple it can really be.


*I use the word healing very loosely because many see healing as a complete recovery.  For so many of us, our genes dictate what we are predisposed to, however with the right environment we now know we can hack this and not only manage symptoms but for many overcome such conditions.  Healing is living without evidence of disease or illness, free from symptoms.  That to me is true recovery.  Maintaining this is key.

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