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Sunrise in Tasmania. Pink and Blue skies in Australia. Nature displaying its brilliance.

Inflammation is normal… until it’s not.

It’s your body’s process of fighting harm, like an infection or toxins or injury in an attempt to heal itself.

Inflammation leads to a release in certain chemicals which trigger an immune response. This is very normal and our bodies need this to help recover. 

This includes the release of antibodies, proteins and increased blood flow to the affected area. 

Acute inflammation — like a cut or a wound is a short lived process. 

But chronic inflammation / long term inflammation … oh boy! 

This happens when this response lingers, which can leave your body in a constant state of alert and overwhelm.  Overwhelm is not something we as women want anymore of, am I right?

As time goes on, chronic inflammation may have a negative impact on your body.  

This may present as chronic pain, fatigue, brain fog, constipation and digestive issues.

So what can we do;
~ Eat anti-inflammatory food
~ Reduce alcohol
~ limit stress (we know, eyeroll BUT we all need to)
~ Ground in nature daily
~ Cold water swim - preferably in nature
~ Take MSM daily (with the ABSOLUTE mix)
~ Feed your microbiome / gut bacteria by taking the ABSOLUTE mix
~ Exercise
~ Increase sleep (if you can - kids amiright)
~ Pay attention - notice if any foods are triggering you. We’re all for balance but remove foods that don’t serve you.
~ Reduce/remove refined oils and seed oils

As always, in this world we live in, this is not medical advice. We’re sharing wisdom.

Take just 1 or 2 steps and see what your body tells you.
Your body is always trying to heal.

Love Jess + Nat

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