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Happiness - is your birth right

Mother and son on acreage in Southern tasmania

Happiness --- hasn't this been shoved down our throats from a young age.

Disney movies, romance novels, happy endings...blahhhh blahhhh blahhhh.
I never wanted Barbie or dollies as a kid. I hated this forced fantasy.

BUT, what are we all missing.
Happiness - life is actually about Happiness. Not just that joy, fulfilment, peace, love, feeling settled, honouring yourself.

Who are you? No, really, who are you?
Do you love your life?

Did that hit home. Do. you. love. your. life.
What is life?

At some point we need to face this proverbial pivot, the tipping point, the wisdom. the expansion, the growing up.
Do you know why you're here? Does it feel right? Does it make you happy? Does it set you on fire?

It didn't for me. It felt wrong. It felt of squashed intuition. It felt like a blocked throat. It felt like a thousand lives I couldn't share and every mistake I've never made. 

So what does a woman cornered do?

She evolves. All of those women you've been and all those women you've yet to be. Sitting there inside if you, telling you what you need to know.

This woman ran. She took her family and ran.

For me, this looks like selling your million dollar apartment in Melbourne. It looks like acreage in Southern Tasmania, homeschooling my boys and creating a slow life.

This meant many deaths - one of which was a business I had for 8 years. A business I was very good at. Negotiating, contracts, managing, fixing peoples problems, making their dreams happen. For me this invoked and inflamed my caretaker mode - the people pleaser within me that wants to fix everything. Fix everything and everyone. Well, maybe except myself.

When my health came to head, as much as I did it all. I couldn't keep doing it all.
Something had to give, had to go...and that was it. An ego death for me. What I was known for, what I had strived for but which ultimately did not make me happy.  

Happiness is your birth right.

What is not making you happy?
Struggling to answer - lets start easy... what does make you happy?

Write it down. Study that list.
Write down the opposite. Study that list.

And here your journey starts.

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